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FreeSpace 2 Ship Database

GTFr Calypso

GTFr Parracombe

GTFr Erinpura

GTFr Vauban

GTFr Sulla


GTFr Miranda

GTFr Sophron

GTT Discovery

GTT Mannheim

GTT Liberty

GTT Sunder Decoy

GTT Argo

GTT Notus

GTG Avila

GTSC Erikson

GTSC Darwin

GTA Hamako

GTA Lucidity

GTA Panopticon

GTM Vesalius

GTM Galen

GTM Sydenham

GTM Boerhaave

  • GTM Hippocrates class medical ship
  • Evacuated Capella in Apocalypse (sm3-10) (leaves immediately after arriving; look at departure cue to see the mission design bug)

GTM Herophilus

GTC Trafalgar

GTC Coriolanus

  • Does not appear in any missions
  • Assisted 13th Battle Group in destroying NTF forces during Surrender, Belisarius (sm1-01)*

GTC Oberon

GTC Fortune

GTC Heisenberg

GTC Champion

GTC Rampart

GTC Rampart

  • GTC Leviathan class cruiser - simulated
  • Used in the G-Ter simulation
  • Destroyed by a wing of GTVA fighters

GTC Zollner

  • GTC Leviathan class cruiser
  • Attempted to evacuate Capella in Apocalypse (sm3-10)
  • Destroyed by supernova shockwave (game does contain sound files if Zollner makes the jump if supernova is delayed)

GTC Adamant

  • GTC Aeolus-class cruiser
  • Escorted a GTVI convoy in Crisis in Capella
  • Destroyed SC Armaros when convoy was attacked
  • Attacked SCv Balam
  • Destroyed by SCv Balam

GTC Vigilant

GTC Warwick

GTC Agrippa

GTC Stalwart

GTC Templar

GTC Malta

GTC Ertanax

GTC Sparta

GTC Ascendant

  • GTC Aeolus class cruiser - simulated
  • Destroyed by a wing of GTVA fighters in the G-Ter simulation

GTC Ashaton

GTC Zanthar

GTCv Actium

GTCv Lysander

GTCv Yakiba

GTCv Parapet

GTCv Warspite

GTCv York

GTCv Diomedes

GTCv Monitor

GTCv Lemnos

GTCv Naxos

GTCv Bretagne

GTCv Murakami

GTCv Steadfast

  • GTCv Deimos class corvette
  • Does not appear and is not referenced to in any missions; is mentioned only in an unused but official voice file for M-02b
  • The only surviving vessel in some nebular battle with the Shivans

GTCv Heraklion

GTCv Tomkin

GTD Carthage

GTD Aeneas

  • Son of Anchises and Venus, Aeneas is the protagonist of Virgil's Eneid and also appears in Homer's Odyssey. Originally from Troy, he escaped from the city when the Greek armies entered it. He visited many places, like Carthage, and finally decided to live in Latium, where he married Lavinia, the daughter of the king Latinus. Romulus, the mythic man who founded Rome, was one of Aeneas' descendants. Aeneas is also believed to be the ancestor of Julius Caesar and Augustus. The whole Eneid, in fact, was meant as a commemoration of Augustus' family.

GTD Messana

  • GTD Orion-class destroyer
  • Deployed near GTI 3rd Fleet HQ in Dunkerque (sm3-07)
  • Assisted in evacuation of GTI 3rd Fleet HQ
  • Remote-detonated GTI 3rd Fleet HQ after evacuation was completed
  • Messana is Latin for "Messina", a city located in Sicily, Italy

GTD Bastion

GTD Nereid

  • GTD Orion class destroyer - decommissioned
  • Does not appear in any missions
  • Loaded with meson warheads and sent into Capella jump node in Vega to destroy the subspace path after Apocalypse (sm3-10)

GTD Delacroix

  • Trivia: "De la Croix" is French for "Of the Cross". Also, Eugene Delacroix was a French Romantic painter at the time of the French Revolution.

GTD Vengeance

  • Does not appear in any missions
  • Launches 77th Deadly Sevens squadron into Shivan-held sector in Gamma Draconis in M-05

GTD Aquitaine

GTD Phoenicia

GTD Labam

GTVA Colossus

GTI Enif Station

GTI 3rd Fleet HQ


  • GTI Arcadia class installation - simulated
  • Appears in the background in Training-2

Knossos 1

Knossos 2

Knossos 3

FreeSpace 2 Ship Database