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===Tech Room Description===
===Tech Room Description===
===Twist of Fate Tech Room Description===
The Ticonderoga assault cruiser has been the most common line warship since the beginning of the Terran-Vasudan War. Far larger and more powerful than the Fenris or Leviathan-classes, the Ticonderoga mounts two railguns and numerous defensive turrets. While the smaller cruisers serve mostly as skirmishers and escorts, these ships form the thrust of a GTA offensive, using their heavy firepower to crush anything that stands in their way. These cruisers are currently being phased out in favor of the new Boreas-class corvettes, but many remain in service.

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All information related to the GTC Ticonderoga is non-canon.
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The GTC Ticonderoga is a large Terran cruiser patterned after the GTC Fenris and GTC Leviathan. The model appears in modified form in the Terran-Vasudan War Project as the TFg Atropos and in Twist of Fate under its original name. The Twist of Fate version has a different turret setup and mildly altered geometry compared to either of the previous layouts and is a powerful "assault cruiser" that served as a forerunner to corvettes. Ticonderogas have powerful anti-fighter and anti-cap weaponry and are the primary heavy warship used by Terran forces in the first chapter of Twist of Fate.

GTC Ticonderoga


Tech Room Description



  • Model by Hamano




Type Cruiser
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 35
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 50 000
Shields N/A
Width 87 m
Height 262 m
Length 518 m



Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
TerSlash 2
SGreen 4
AAAf 4
Standard Flak 4
Cyclops 6
EMP Advanced 6

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The Twist of Fate version is classified as a cruiser, but is essentially the Terran-Vasudan War ancestor of the Deimos. Like the Deimos, it's a medium-sized (although the Ticonderoga is considerably smaller than the Deimos]], powerful warship that can fill a variety of roles. The Ticonderoga has some of the strongest defenses of any Terran-Vasudan War-era capships; four FighterKillers and a bevy of blob turrets provide a formidable defense to enemy fighters, and overall anti-fighter strength is much better than the Fenris and Orion. Two railguns and a torpedo turret provide plenty of anti-capital firepower. A flotilla of Ticonderogas can even give a Typhon a hard time.

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