GTD Aquitaine

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Ship history

The Aquitaine was the flagship of the 3rd Fleet. It served in the Battle for Deneb, along with the GVD Psamtik, flagship of the 13th Vasudan Battle Group. After the destruction of the GTC Vigilant by the Shivans in Capella, near the Gamma Draconis node, the Aquitaine guarded the jump node while her squadrons (and presumably the rest of the third fleet) entered Gamma Draconis to eliminate the Shivan threat. Once the Shivans were cleared from Gamma Draconis, the 3rd Fleet ransacked the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis. The Aquitaine and the Third Fleet withdraw after discovering the SJ Sathanas. After the threat of the Shivan juggernaut was neutralised, Allied Command re-ordered the Aquitaine and the 13th Vasudan Battle group, led by the GVD Psamtik to search for Admiral Aken Bosch's command frigate, the NTF Iceni. When the GVD Psamtik was destroyed by the second SJ Sathanas, Allied Command once again ordered the retreat. The Aquitaine suffered heavy damage from this escape, but due to the timely intervention by the GVD Memphis's squadrons, the flagship survived.

The ship also escaped the supernova of Capella and continued its service for the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance.