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The Inferno Outtakes Pack was released by the Inferno team some time during the first decade of the 21st century. It included several mods which were ultimately dropped from Inferno Release 1. Also included were the final versions of several EA capital ships and several other ships that did eventually see use in INFR1.

The ships came from many different periods and are of widely varying quality. Many of the assets released have model errors and may not work correctly with the latest FreeSpace Open builds.

List of models

The release included the following models. Also included were textures and several table entries, though not all the ships in the pack were provided with the latter.

  • chelob.pof - The SF Chelob, a Shivan hybrid fighter based on the Basilisk, Manticore and Gorgon.
  • gateArachnas.pof - A Shivan jump gate which was essentially a reskinned, stretched Knossos mesh. Shares its name with a model that was included in R1, the Arachnas.
  • Gigas.pof - Known as the pre-R1 Gigas. An early version of the SSJ Gigas. Of note, this mesh was later used to create the notorious but as-yet unreleased SH Gargant model.
  • carrier.pof - An extremely early precursor to the EASD Nemesis.
  • mydock.pof - A large drydock model.
  • city1.pof - A basic cityscape mesh. Featuring an "all your base are belong to us" billboard.
  • Pachet.pof - The GVCv Pachet, seen in R1.
  • Sechat.pof - The GVSJ Sechat-Hor, a massive Vasudan superjuggernaut created out of a massively enlarged Aten and Sobek hybrid mesh.
  • ShivNode1.pof - The final Shivan jump gate mesh that was included in R1.
  • TerNode1.pof - A Terran jump gate created by Aldo. This model eventually saw use in Blue Planet as the UEF Intrasystem Gate.
  • zAndrogeos.pof - An early Ancient juggernaut that appeared to be some kind of artillery piece. Shares its name with an Ancient juggernaut that was included in R1, the AJ Androgeos.
  • ea caps V1.vp - A VP file including several Earth Alliance capital ships, including the EAC Aesacus (Aesacus.pof), the EAC Eclipse (EACruiser.pof), the EACv Darkness (xcorv.pof), the EAI Lycaon (Lycaon.pof), the EAD Tereus (taud-inf.pof), the EAD Lindos (Lindos.pof), the EASD Nemesis (Nemesis.pof) and the EACa Telemus (eacarr.pof), all of which were also included in R1.
  • xdread.pof - An EA dreadnought that appeared to fill the place of the TSJ Icanus until its replacement. It was a reskinned version of the TFDx Apocalypse dreadnought from Machina Terra. Much later on, this mesh was used in Blue Planet as the Vishnan Preserver.

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