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{{Beam|4 500|35|4|Direct|1|9 000|1 200|36 000}}
{{Beam|4 500|35|4|Direct|1|9 000|1 029|36 000}}

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

The Aurora Wake Beam System, also known as the MBlue, is a medium beam cannon used by the GTVA in the FreeSpace 2 mod Blue Planet. The Aurora Wake is a high-performance medium beam cannon, and has the distinction of being the first beam weapon developed by the Threat Exigency Initiative that allowed the GTVA to replicate the shock jump tactics employed by the Shivans during the Second Shivan Incursion. The Aurora Wake suffers from a 35-second recharge time and tendency to overheat. However, it makes up for this with its effective range of 6750 metres. The GTCv Chimera mounts three of these beams as its forward armament.


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

A powerful mid-range direct-fire beam system, the 'Aurora Wake' was one of the first products of the Threat Exigency Initiative's drive to produce more powerful beam cannons. Mounted on most next-generation Alliance warships as a battery weapon, the 'Aurora Wake' supplements its own dedicated reactors with feeds from the ship's drives. Prone to overheating, this system is perhaps the most cantankerous of the next-generation beams. Mass issues encountered while mounting the beam on the Chimera corvette led to that vessel's relatively thin armor plating. Nonetheless, the 'Aurora Wake' was the first beam weapon that enabled the GTVA to emulate Shivan-style shock jump tactics.



Range 4 500 m
Recharge Time 35 s
Beam Lifetime 4 s
Type: Direct
Shots 1
Damage per second 9 000
Damage per second (sustained) 1 029
Damage per pulse 36 000


  • Weapon is a beam cannon (beam)
  • Weapon is capable of easily damaging even larger vessels (Huge)
  • Weapon cannot be mounted on small ships (Big Ship)
  • Weapon refire rate is the same on all difficulty levels (same turret cooldown)


Veteran Comments

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It only does 60% of the damage of the BBlue on the first pass, and half of the sustained damage, but in the 14th battle group, there are twelve of these mounted on the GTCv Chimera, GTCv Bellerophon, and GTD Raynor. Thus, at a possible 237,600 points of damage on the first pass, they make up the bulk of the battle group's shock jump capability, at least theoretically.

Not a bad beam in itself, and used to great effect in Blue Planet in its stated role. The Chimera corvette, marginally larger than a Deimos, is practically built around three of these beams, and they collectively do just a bit less sustained damage, and slightly more damage per pulse, than a couple of BGreens, despite being mounted on a more than half smaller ship. It features great range, like most other blue beams, and also makes up most of the Raynor's broadside firepower. This beam has both the sustained firepower and single-pass raw output to enable TEI corvettes to successfully engage ships far larger than themselves, to an extent the Deimos could only dream of. They are the reason Serkr are dubbed as Sathanas killers.