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==Technical information==
==Technical information==
{{MissionInfo|SM3-03.fs2|77.4 KB|Brad Johnson|50 (+1 waypoint)|13|71|44|7: Revelation|Brief7}}
{{MissionInfo|SM3-03.fs2|77.4 KB|Brad Johnson|50 (+1 waypoint)|13|71|44|7: Revelation|Brief7}}
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: Capture Bosch and retrieve the ETAK project.


Admiral Khafre declares victory over the Shivan Juggernaut, but announces that the GTVA Colossus has sustained moderate damage. The Admiral then announces the continuation of the locating and apprehension of Admiral Bosch, and details the discovery of the ETAK device that was Bosch's brainchild, Bosch's discovery of the Knossos subspace portal, and Bosch's attempt to communicate with the Shivans.

Reconnaissance has located the Iceni and Alpha and Beta wings of the 203rd Scorpions are being sent in to secure the command frigate. Bosch and his followers are boarding Shivan transports and escaping.


A recommended loadout is a GVF Serapis armed with the GTW Maxim, GTW Prometheus S, a bank of Harpoons and a bank of Hornets or Tornados.

First off, make sure none of your wingmen are flying the Serapis, but the primary selection is up to you. A mixture of Seths, Taurets, and Horuses is preferable. As soon as the Azmedaj and Sammael appear on your escort list, order your heavy fighters to attack the cruisers and your interceptors to cover the Iceni. You can either help eliminate the cruisers or cover the Iceni, depending on what floats your boat.

From there on out, the mission is standard escort. Protect all targets of value, take out enemy warheads and bombers first, then worry about fighters. Use your wingmen well...you know the drill.


  • In the command briefing, Admiral Khafre states that the Colossus sustained moderate damage during the battle with the first Sathanas. The Admiral will say that even if the player manages to take out all of the main beam turrets of the Sathanas in Bearbaiting and/or keeps the damage sustained by the Colossus in High Noon to a bare minimum. This happens because command briefing stages, unlike normal briefing stages, have no usage formula, meaning that it's not possible to hide/show certain stages depending on the outcome of previous missions.
  • The Azrael transport in this mission is destructible. However, the mission debriefing does not change, regardless of whether it jumps out or is destroyed; in both cases, Commander Habu will still say that your squadron arrived too late to apprehend Bosch. It is very possible that this Azrael transport did not contain Bosch and his immediate subordinates, but instead carried other NTF officers of lower rank.
  • There may be an inconsistency in this mission regarding the Qeb. While it is a Terran Argo-class transport and should rightfully be called a GTT (Galactic Terran Transport), it is instead called a GVT (Galactic Vasudan Transport) by its pilot.
  • Once the Iceni gains friendly IFF, you can order the frigate around, which its flak guns and laser cannons come into good effect.

Notable ships present

New equipment

Technical information

Return to Babel
File name: SM3-03.fs2
File size: 77.4 KB
Author: Brad Johnson
Total number of objects: 50 (+1 waypoint)
Total number of wings: 13
Number of mission events: 71
Number of messages: 44
Event music: 7: Revelation
Briefing music: Brief7