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GTW-19 Circe


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTW-19 Circe

Tech Room Data

Derived from advanced electromagnetic weaponry, such as the Banshee, the GTW-19 Circe disrupts shield systems by focusing a barrage of widely varying EM harmonics upon its target. This energy is completely ineffective against any kind of armor plating or insulated subsystem. For this reason, the Circe is most effective when paired with a hull-damaging partner, such as the Maxim or Prometheus.



Range 1350 m
Rate of Fire 2.5 shots per second
Velocity 450 ms-1
Base Damage 45
Armor Damage None 0
Shield Damage Full 45
Subsystem Damage None 0


The following table refers to weapons compatibility in singleplayer, and does not reflect the compatibility of dogfight variants in multiplayer. A ✓ mark indicates that a ship can mount the weapon, whereas an ✗ mark indicates that it cannot.

Terran Compatibility Vasudan Compatibility
Ship Class Compatible Ship Class Compatible
GTF Ulysses GVF Thoth
GTF Loki GVF Serapis
GTF Hercules GVF Horus
GTF Hercules Mark II GVF Seth
GTF Myrmidon GVF Tauret
GTF Perseus GVF Ptah
GTF Pegasus GVB Osiris
GTF Erinyes GVB Bakha
GTF Ares GVB Sekhmet
SF Mara (Terrans)
GTB Zeus
GTB Medusa
GTB Artemis (Inc. D.H.)
GTB Ursa
GTB Boanerges


Veteran Comments

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The yin to the GTW-66 Maxim Cannon's yang, the Circe eats shields for breakfast, but has no real other purpose.

I like to use this weapon in an GTF Erinyes with the GTW-66 Maxim Cannon. It's quite simple to fire off a couple of Circe bursts: completely stripping away a fighter's shields instantly, and then switch over to the Maxim and blow your target away.

The Tech Room says it's a development of the GTW Banshee but in terms of damage values, it's more related to the GTW Shield Breaker. I would say that the spiritual successor of the Banshee would be the Kayser.

As the others said, the Circe is to be used only against shielded targets. The idea behind the Circe and the Shield Breaker was to break through the Shivans' shields, and finish off the target with a hull-damaging weapon. It could be used well against waves of bombers and their fighter escorts, but in the FreeSpace 2 main campaign, you also have to engage capital ships in the same mission, meaning that you also need a good hull and/or subsystem damaging primary. Ideally, that would be the Maxim. Beware, however, of the extreme energy consumption. If you choose this combination, learn to be quick at diverting energy and switch between your two primaries. You won't be needing them simultaneously. You must be quick in order to save time, and not use both banks simultaneously to save energy.

Difficult weapon to use. Relatively high energy usage, making it hard to pair with hull weapons like the Prom-S and Maxim. It does strip shields quite quickly, but the projectile speed is relatively slow, making it hard to hit with. Only real use I can think of is bomber-killing when paired with a Maxim.