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The Taranis is a Shivan Cain-class warship which was the target of the first attempt to capture a Shivan ship.

The Taranis had been interfering with allied operations in the Beta Cygni system. It prevented the capture of the Hammer of Light cruiser Ramses when it entered the area and destroyed the Vasudan cruiser.

Plans about capturing the Taranis were published after the Ramses has been destroyed. A couple of Terran fighters neutralised the Taranis' fighter escorts while the ship was heading towards Ikeya. The Taranis was sent back to Beta Cygni, where the capture operation was conducted. To carry out the capture operation, the GTA deployed new technologies: The GTB Athena light bombers and the GTW Stiletto anti-subsystem warhead.

Disabling and disarming the Taranis, Two Elysium transports attempted to weld the hull but both of them failed. The only appropriate way was to call in the GTFr Halkins from Tombaugh Station, from the Ribos system. The freighter then towed away the Cain cruiser into the Ribos system.

There, a group of human troopers attempted to capture the cruiser and acquire some Shivan specimen. Both efforts failed as the Shivans easily killed the boarding party.

It is unknown if the Taranis survived the massacre of Ribos, it is speculated it was destroyed by either the SD Lucifer or Terran forces.