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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Destroy a cargo depot in Beta Aquilae.


This cargo depot raid is to cut off supplies from the EACa Argus, the Earth Alliance Command Vessel currently operating in Beta Aquilae.

One such supply depot is guarded by the Tyrannos-class Zoais, currently controlling the depot's sentry gun system.


You will have three wings. Alpha Wing will consist of Mihos fighters, Beta Wing will consist of Artemis bombers (fixed), and Gamma Wing will consist of Ereshkigal fighters.

Start by sweeping out Aqua Wing of Stentors and Durch Wing of Claymore IIs. Beta Wing will strike the Zoais. Once Beta Wing's strike is successful, assist them with cleaning out sentry guns and any remaining fighters.

After a quick break, the Argus and her supporting cruisers will jump into the field, and the Ramayana will come in as response. Direct your wings to defend the Ramayana from Pax, Vox, Risa and Terra Wings. (Kappa and Zeta Wings will target the EA capitals.)

Once the Argus is driven off, park on the Ramayana.


  • Major characters introduced:
    • Rear Admiral Adriannis Spiros, Argus Commanding Officer
  • Gamma Wing's loadout is not fixed for this mission, so it is possible to fly the Ereshkigal before you are authorized to use it in the next mission.