UEF Izra'il

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


UEF Izrail.png
The UEF Izra'il

Blue Planet: War in Heaven Tech Room Description

Where the Uriel excels in offensive precision strikes, the Izra'il is a more versatile design, suited for nearly every mission profile including defense. The Izra'il has higher secondary loadout capacity and three primary banks with exceptional weapons compatibility. As a recently introduced design, the Izra'il's full performance profiles have yet to be declassified.

Credits List

  • Model by Steve-O



Name UEF Izra'il
Type Special Assault Fighter
Manufacturer Wartime Special Projects
Maneuverability Average
Max Velocity 65 - 90 ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity 140 ms-1
Max Afterburner Duration 11.25 s
Armor Heavy
Hitpoints 300 pts
Shields 540 pts
Length 33 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 2 guns
2nd bank 4 guns
3rd bank 4 guns
Secondary weapons
1st bank capacity 80
2nd bank capacity 40
3rd bank capacity 80
Countermeasure capacity 40 countermeasures
Turrets 1 turrets


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 2 Rapier
2nd 4 Rapier
3rd 4 Rapier
Compatible Primaries
Vulcan, Rapier, Scalpel, Maul, Gattler, Sidhe, UX Accelerator
3rd Vulcan, Rapier, Scalpel, Maul, Gattler, Sidhe
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 80 Warhammer
2nd 40 Dart
3rd 80 Warhammer
Compatible Secondaries
Hellfire, Dirk, Dart, Javelin, Slammer, Paveway, Grimler, Jackhammer, Warhammer
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Maul 1

Veteran Comments

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Has yet to appear in any missions and only received a passing mention in War in Heaven.

However, if you wish to practice flying it, you can do so in the Kentauroi Race. The energy capacity is massively high and all fire points can be linked together, meaning at the moment, you can spew out ten Rapier shots and keep at sustained fire for at least two minutes. Seems to be a true multi-role fighter in the sense of the term, being able to carry both bombs, missiles, high energy, and decent maneuverability. Somewhat like the real-life F-16 or F-15E. Added with wide weapon compatibility and ten gun mounts, you can do almost anything reasonable for a pilot. This means you could do almost anything a GVB Sekhmet could do (heavy escort/assault, AND do moderate-level bombing runs).

About adaptability, with three separate primary and secondary weapon slots, you can have a very versatile selection (such as a Gattler/UX Accelerator for anti-hull work, the Rapier for normal dogfighting, and the Sidhe for up-close engagements, plus the Slammers for area suppression, Darts for self-defense, and Jackhammers to deal anti-capital work). Much more adaptable than the Apollo of old, however, one disadvantage is just how much the wingspan presents a large target profile.

About the third Primary mount... if you want to start firing those, wait three seconds (it has the weapon "draw out" animation). And the rod on the nose? That's your turret.