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[[Tutorial - Directive-is-variable SEXP]]
[[Tutorial - Directive-is-variable SEXP]]
[[Tutorial - Mission Infrastructure]]
[[Tutorial - Mission Infrastructure]]
[[Advanced Cutscene SEXP Reference]]
== Don't mind me! ==
== Don't mind me! ==

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About Axem!

Well, I'm Axem. I come from Canada, eh (Winnipeg to be exact). I FRED, model, and even UV map on good days. I also got some horrible 2d effects experience under my belt.

I have a fair share of FreeSpace related humor stuff. Like the FreeSpace game show series, Just Another Day series, and Alpha 27 And A Half. That accounts for 75% of the stuff I do. I am so funney.

My own campaigns are Just Another Day, Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane, Vassago's Dirge, and Children of Shiva as well as a thousand other ideas I have that will probably never come to fruition.

Ships I've made are the GTC Cretheus and the SC Lamia. Maybe I'll do a third one day!

I am part of Shadows of Lylat, Diaspora and Fate of the Galaxy, mostly doing mission work with some model work here and there.

Tutorial - Conditional Arguments Tutorial - Directive-is-variable SEXP Tutorial - Mission Infrastructure Advanced Cutscene SEXP Reference

Don't mind me!