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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The 14th Battlegroup arrives in the Sol system. However, they do not receive the reception from Earth that they were expecting.


You are Samuel Bei, a commander in the GTVA. You have been transferred to the 222nd Nightwolves, recently stationed on board the GTD Orestes. You receive a warm welcome from your squadron leader, Captain Al'faddil. The reception you get from the captain of the Orestes, Admiral Bei, is cold by contrast.

The GTVA 14th Battlegroup traversed the Delta Serpentis-Sol jump node successfully. However, the failure of the battlegroup to detect signals or signs of activity throughout the system is utterly at odds with information collected by earlier probes. Admiral Bei, commanding officer of the GTD Orestes and fleet admiral, decides to split the battlegroup into half, with the Orestes leading the first half, and the GTD Temeraire leading the other. As a cautionary measure, the Nightwolves are being deployed to scout the system and report any findings back to the Orestes.


This is an automatic mission that allows you to familiarise yourself with the GTF Aurora, as well as your wingmen, Lieutenant Corey and Ensign Taylor, and the rest of the ships in the 14th Battlegroup.

Once the Orestes gives you the order, jump out.


  • Both Corey and Taylor are invulnerable for the entire campaign.

New equipment

Total number of forces

Forces involved

  • 3 GTF Aurora
    • Alpha 1
      • Bei
    • Alpha 2
      • Corey
    • Alpha 3
      • Taylor



Note: this mission ends at 6m 50 secs, the video is a combination of this mission and the next