A Time for Penance

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Fighter squadron: 212th Silver Scythes
Description: After a botched raid on what turned out to be a civilian operation, Alpha Wing must escort two research vessels to the Tau Jump Node. A pirate attack is almost certain.

Command Briefing

  • Command Incident Report 08/28/2372 1510

After acting out on what we thought was accurate intelligence, Alpha wing and the GTC LoneWolf led a raid on what turned out to be a civilian operation.

In the attack, the GTC LoneWolf engaged the TRGC Sai, damaging it. Fortunately we managed to stand down before an attack group of pirates arrived for the clean-up.

Still, the Sai and the LoneWolf were damaged enough that they are now in repair.

The Tepoheh Raleigh Group has launched a formal complaint along with the Morgan Mining Corporation. They're saying the GTVA is incapable of providing security in the outer territories. This is especially pressing now that we have recieved word that one million Capellan refugees are coming our way.

End of Incident Report

Alright pilot, we've got our work cut out for us. A lot of people are mad at us, but it's not our fault, and we still have a job to do. Report to briefing.


  • While the GTC LoneWolf and the TRGC Sai are in repair at Tau Sigma Station, the TRGS Meridian and the TRGF Haulian demanded to return to their office on Altair. Until we hear otherwise, we are still responsible for their safety.
  • Alpha wing, it is your job to make sure that the Meridian and the Haulian reach the Altair jump node in one piece. They are carrying research materials that would fetch a high price on the black market.
  • Alpha, you will fly close escort to the Meridian. The Morgan Mining Corporation has contracted mercenaries, designated Tachyon wing, to fly patrol. They are not under our command. You are NOT to engage them.
  • Given the recent attacks, another pirate raid is almost certain. Be on your guard, and good luck pilot.


A fairly challenging one. You will encounter a lot of Lokis on this mission. The drone's AI is set at the lowest possible level, Coward, but there's a lot of them. You may want to stay a bit behind your wingmen so you won't take the brunt of the fire.

It's extremely difficult to catch Long John wing. There's a secondary goal that becomes true when Long John is destroyed, but this is pretty much impossible, and even if you destroy the whole wing it says nothing about it in your debrief. You will, however, get a bit of recognition for destroying at least one of the fighters. If you set engine power to max and head to the node before Long John arrives, you may be able to catch one or two Ares, but it's not worth it if the convoy gets destroyed.


You finally get a decent weapon to work with, in the Prometheus S. Definitely bring one in the four-gun bank of your Myrm. Other than that, a mix of Tempests and Rockeyes is recommended.

From the mission start, afterburn towards your two charges at maximum engine power, and you should catch up easily before anything important happens. During or shortly after your sprint, you'll see the friendly merc wing tussle with some pirates, but these are none of your concern.

Instead, you will shortly be set upon by rather a lot of Lokis, arriving in groups of four with little to no break in between. Keep yourself and your wingmen close enough to the two civilians that you can get there fast if needed, but otherwise feel free to engage them as they seem to target your wing rather than the ships you are protecting. While they make easy targets even on high difficulties, try to avoid getting into head-to-head passes with them as they can still do damage there. And the Myrmidon is a big target.

Eventually, Long John wing will arrive near the node and make a run for it, but trying to catch them while also keeping the convoy alive is an exercise in futility, as a wing of pirate Hercules fighters will arrive at about the same time. And unlike the Lokis, these DO target your civilians and can make short work of them if left unattended. If you do want to try though, save a bunch of Rockeyes and use those from long range before turning back to help. As the Long John wings are flying in a straight line and won't do any evading, you might bag one that way and still make it back before your civilians go boom.


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