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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


Ship history

The TRGC Sai was a Mentu class vessel used by the Tepoheh Raleigh Research Group (TRG) in the Tau Sigma system. The Mentu was protecting the TRGS Meridian and the TRGF Haulian as they performed mining research when the research station was attacked by GTVA forces who believed that it was a pirate base. After both sides suffered casualties, the GTVA forces recognized their mistake and allied to defeat a pirate attack a few minutes later. The 212th Silver Scythes escorted a convoy composed of Meridian and its companion TRG ship, the TRGF Haulian, to the Altair jump node so that both could return to their home office. The convoy fought off several waves of mercenaries (believed at the time to be pirates) and briefly sighted the Nyarlathotep in the Tau Sigma-Altair subspace corridor. Meanwhile, the Sai remained at Tau Sigma Station for repairs.

Much later, the cruiser was seized by Morgan Technolgies union workers to help create a blockade of the Tau Sigma-to-Altair jump node during a strike. Many of the blockade ships were actually under the employ of union busters and opened fire on the protestors. The Sai was on the "friendly" union side and survived the melee with help from GTVA forces. The strike ended when the SD Nyarlathotep jumped in and inexplicably fired a beam at an Aeolus cruiser forming the blockade. The union workers backed down.