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The enigmatic Aleyurians are a powerful precursor race in the Wings of Dawn universe. They have yet to make any physical appearance in any campaign, although their actions have made a significant impact on the Wings of Dawn universe.


Little is known of this species. They apparently had a presence in the Abyss system up until around 8000 years ago and possessed highly advanced weapon systems. It is currently unknown if they had a colony on Abyss or if it was just a military outpost with a weapon cache. It is also unknown what caused their disappearance.

The Aleyurians are known to have had some sort of interaction in the distant past with the Hertak, which caused the latter's xenophobic tendencies. Morally questionable study of the Aleyurians by the United Earth Union allowed certain genetically engineered humans the unique ability to synchronize with their ships.

It is known that they had incredibly powerful ships and weapons, as well as sentient artificial intelligence programs. The only known examples of each are the Prometheus frame and its integrated AI, "Infi".