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The Wings of Dawn Universe Portal

The Hertak serve as the primary antagonists of the first Wings of Dawn campaign.


The Hertak are a race of conquerors who are driven by an age old fear. Apparently somewhere in their history they were visited by an old powerful race that declared that they will return in the future and rain destruction down upon the Hertak. The Hertak have since been on a quest to gain technology and power so they can defeat this old nemesis. Somewhere along the way they decided that just their own power would not be enough. So they started conquering other races, making them into battle thralls so that they could add their military force to that of the Hertak. To prevent them from starting a rebellion however, they restrict the technology and ship designs of the conquered races.


The Hertak government is formally known as the Hertak Imperium.

A Hertak male possess the unique ability to transfer all of his memories and skills to his offspring. So a newborn Hertak's can already be a master in certain skills from a very young age. This is offset however by a Hertak's slow ability to learn. What would take a Terran twenty years to master, would take a Hertak sixty years. Once mastered however, the skill never leaves a blood line. By law, Hertak soldiers are obliged to have at least one child before going to war.

Client races

The following races were used as battle thralls by the Hertak.