Secret Recovery

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Fighter squadron:


Hammer of Light commandos have seized the Giordano, a science station located in the Deneb system. Sensitive GTI data will be compromised if we fail to recapture the Giordano immediately.
Intelligence indicates the Vasudan destroyer Ptah now guards the science station.
Your objective will be to protect transport Epsilon 1. The transport will dock with the Giordano and warp to a secure position. Delta wing will escort Epsilon 1 into the Deneb system and assist you with your mission.
Should Epsilon 1 fail to accomplish its objective, we will deploy Epsilon 2. If neither transport succeeds in recovering the Giordano, your orders are to destroy the station and return to base.


The Giordano is initially the main thing here. Order one wing to protect the station, and another to protect the Epsilon transport. If you're not scared of it, take on the Ptah. The Ptah spits out seemingly endless waves of fighters. Since it's too big a target to take out yourself, initially focus on the fighters. Once the Giordano has jumped out, you can try to take out the Ptah or you can bail. If you do not actually eliminate the Ptah, you have a shot at 400+ kills in a single mission. The Thoths are dirt easy to take out.

Destroying the Ptah is your bonus objective.

Notable ships present

  • GTS Giordano
  • Ptah