Crossing the Styx

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As one of the top pilots in the NTF, you have been assigned to an operation that will change the future of mankind...

Straight from the databanks of NTF Special Operations.
The GTC Vigilant on its last patrol.


Status: Released

Release date: July 09, 2009

Required: FreeSpace Open, build 3.6.10 or higher

Author: FreeSpaceFreak

Special thanks to:

  • ShadowGorrath - General help and beta testing
  • Droid803 - Beta testing
  • Galemp - Interface help
  • Flaming_Sword - Interface help


  • Eleven missions
  • In-mission cutscenes
  • NTF interface

Developer's comments

The missions themselves are not great, and I had the "Transcend problem": the player has to cross a lot of nodes, without anything interesting happening. I'm fairly proud of my cutscenes in CtS_4 and CtS_10 though.


The campaign has received mostly positive reviews from users. Players praised the cutscenes and found the campaign concept interesting and unique, but execution has received mixed reviews. The second half of the campaign is said to be tedious in comparison with the first half.


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