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The Silent Threat: Reborn continuity refers to the "alternate universe" distinguished by Silent Threat: Reborn's interpretation of the Hades Rebellion. Although this continuity is not official Volition canon, it expands upon Volition's universe and is internally consistent. Thus, this continuity presents an "expanded universe" similar to the universes of Cold Element, Inferno, Blue Planet, and so forth.


Campaigns considered part of this continuity are:

The Terran-Vasudan War Project is not part of this continuity as it is much less polished than Silent Threat: Reborn, is not internally consistent, and spawns numerous plot threads that remain unresolved. Vasudan Imperium is not part of it either, although this is primarily due to contradictory plot developments such as the GTC Orff being destroyed in the first mission. While both Goober5000 and Galemp are heavily invested in Scroll of Atankharzim it remains to be seen whether this campaign will also belong to the continuity, with Sesquipedalian as project leader emeritus.

Most grayed-out information in the Timeline has been taken from the Silent Threat: Reborn continuity.

Important Ships

The Silent Threat: Reborn continuity introduces several important capital ships not present in canon.

  • GTD Legion: Flagship of the GTI, destroyed in the Battle of Deneb, as depicted in the FreeSpace 2 opening cutscene.
  • GTD Repulse: Flagship of the GTI's Research and Development branch. Captured and recommissioned; later defected to the NTF.

Important Characters

The continuity also introduces several new characters to the FreeSpace universe.