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Fighter squadron:


GTI has located the Einstein's escape pods in the Beta Aquilae sector.
Command has issued a new directive. Your mission will be to secure the area and guard the pods. A retrieval ship will recover the survivors for interrogation.
We will deploy the retrieval ship as soon as possible. Defend those pods until you are relieved of duty. You will receive further orders in Beta Aquilae.


This is a very, very easy mission. Upon mission start you will be engaged by two hostile wings consisting of 4 Manticores and 3 Seraphims. These are very easy to eliminate. Upon eliminating these wings your sensors will malfunction, in other words your sensors cannot pick up the unknown fighter class; the Loki fighter class.

Two wings of 4 Manticores each will engage you, simply eliminate them. Your wingmen are (for once) completely competent to eliminate these wings without assistance. Upon eliminating these hostiles, the GTD will retrieve one of the two pods.

The GTD Myrmidon will momentarily arrive and pick up the other pod. A wing of the new hitherto unknown Lokis will engage you. Eliminate them by using your radar to locate them. Your secondary missiles won't work due to the unknown ship signature, but Lokis are an extremely weak fighter class so this will be a really easy task. It is virtually impossible to fail this mission.

If you target the escape pod that must land in the hangar of the second Orion, you'll notice that its orders are "Attack Alpha 1". Don't worry about that; it will find its way into the GTD's hangar. Time compression is your friend in this final stage of the mission.


92% of the time this is a self-play mission, even on the highest difficulty level. You can throttle off in any direction and leave everything up to the FreeSpace engine. It's that easy.

The biggest threat to you in this mission is the GTD. If you are located in front of the Orion when she departs you will be mangled. Can happen.

By the way; the escape pods are invulnerable.

Notable ships present

  • GTD
  • GTD Myrmidon
  • GTEP Einstein 1
  • GTEP Einstein 2