The Pursuit

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Fighter squadron:


A Vasudan ship, designated Aries 2, escaped our containment operation. GTI has tracked the vessel to a Vasudan-controlled supply zone.
Aries 2 has communicated our objectives to Vasudan forces in that sector. We are jamming all local transmissions, but we must achieve absolute containment.
Your mission will be to destroy all vessels in the supply zone. Ignore the cargo. Preliminary reconnaissance indicates a garrison of two Aten cruisers with fighter escort.
The loss of innocent lives is regrettable but necessary to preserve the Terran-Vasudan alliance and defeat the Shivans. You must not fail.


When you arrive at the theatre of engagement, there will be 4 Atens and a slew of fighters, freighters and sentry guns present. Lure the fighter escorts from the Atens one-by-one. Long-range Pheonix shots work well for this. Once all fighters are down, finish the cruisers. The Einstein will arrive once all Atens are down. Order one or more of your wingmen to take it out, because the shockwave from the explosion covers about three clicks.

There's no particular reason to, but you can take out the Einstein yourself, wait for your objectives to become complete, and then engage your jump drive before the thing breaks up and emits a shockwave. You won't survive simply running away from the blast, however.

Actually, you can run away from blast if you destroy Einstein from maximum missile range (like, 1600 units for Phoenix V) and just before the last lob reaches it, boost engine power to max, turn around and slam afterburner like mad. The explosion has range of about 3000 units, but it takes a while for the Faustus to explode.


All the cruisers are stationary in this mission. You can have your wingmen take care of the fighters and sentries while you grab all the Aten kills. Just attack the Atens from below, and find a good angle in which no turret can reach you.

Your wingmen will leave the containers alone. However, you can grab the kills for them, too.

Notable ships present

  • GTSC Einstein