On the Run

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Fighter squadron:


Command Briefing

A preliminary analysis of the incident at Beta Aquilae suggests the fighters you engaged possessed advanced stealth technologies. The origin and intent of this force remains unknown, and Terran Command has ordered a full investigation. You will be informed of the progress of this inquiry on a need-to-know basis. Until further notice, you have been reassigned to other GTI operations.
GTI research and development has completed field testing of the Zeus-class strike bomber. Like the Athena, its predecessor, the Zeus offers excellent speed and maneuverability. However, more efficient design enables the Zeus to carry Tsunami space bombs in its arsenal. These features will make the Zeus a versatile and effective weapon against Shivan capital ships.
New Technology: Cluster Bomb
A second-generation Synaptic bomb, GTI's cluster warhead has been designed for attacks against groups or wings of enemy ships. Upon reaching its target, the primary warhead fragments into multiple secondary warheads that explode within a split second. The detonations produce a field of energy blasts, making the cluster bomb most effective against fighter formations.


A Shivan offensive has decimated our forces in the Ikeya system. The enemy annihilated our installations and eighty percent of the fleet garrisoned in that sector. The survivors are now retreating to secure Terran positions.
Fortunately, the science cruiser Ratna survived the engagement. Scientists on board this vessel are spearheading the Eumenides Project and have developed cutting-edge weapon prototypes vital to the war effort.
The Shivans disabled the Ratna, so the vessel has neither propulsion nor warp capability. We must retrieve our ship, its scientists, and their prototypes. Command anticipates Shivan reinforcements will soon resume their offensive.
Under these circumstances, we must execute a high-risk maneuver to recover the Ratna. Vasudan transport Gemini will dock with the vessel and tow it away from the Shivan attack point. The docking seal may not hold, but we have no other viable options.
Command will deploy additional Terran transports to evacuate the scientists. We cannot extract the prototypes from the Ratna, so the entire vessel must be recovered.
Your mission: protect the Ratna. Repel the Shivan attack so repair crews can get the engines back on line. The future of this war is in your hands, pilot.


This is a vanilla "shoot eveything that appears as red" mission. Noticeable are the four Amun bombers that jump in, pretending to be reinforcements. You can get away with firing at these, and please do, since they are Hammer of Light operatives in disguise.


There are a number of unique ships and vessels in this mission, noticeable due to their lack of unique names. However, these are all destroyed before mission zero, and are thus never encountered by the player.

Notable ships present

  • GTSC Ratna
  • GTSC Andromeda
  • PVFr Gemini
  • GTT Sagatarius
  • GTT Cryos
  • GTT Daedalus
  • GTSC Faustus 31 (destroyed before mission)
  • GTT Elysium 44 (destroyed before mission)
  • GTT Elysium 45 (destroyed before mission)
  • SC Cain 18 (destroyed before mission)
  • GTI Arcadia 27 (destroyed before mission)