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Fighter squadron: Description:


Reconnaissance has observed a small Shivan cruiser group, designated Hellfire, en route to the Delta Serpentis jump node. If Hellfire reaches its destination, it will be reunited with the primary Shivan fleet.
Hellfire consists of four cruisers, both Cain and Lilith class, with a fighter escort of ten to fifteen ships.
Your squad will intercept and destroy as much of the Shivan force as possible. Beta and Delta will engage the cruisers. Alpha and Gamma will defend the bomber wings and neutralize the fighter threat.


After listening to the briefing, get to the loadout page. There are actually two ways to customize your loadout:

  1. Start loading bombers for you and your wingmen, and bombs of course. Use Prometheus and Avengers, since these are the most powerful lasers for bombers. Also carry some missiles, but powerful missiles such as Hornets.
  2. The same as above, except you take Disrupters. Do the same for wingmates.
  3. Take a fighter with a good loadout of secondaries.

When you begin, target Hellfire 1 and order one wing to disable it. Do the same for the other Hellfire, however, you don't join your wing to destroy one Hellfire. Target one of the Cain class Hellfires. It should be easy, since Hornets and Tsunamis spell disaster to a Cain. However, if you take the Disrupters with you, target the engines instead. However, use bombs in combination.

If you chose a fighter, protect your wingmen. Once your wingmen have taken down all cruisers, simply order them to engage all enemies. When there's only metal junk left, return to base.


Only Hellfire 1 is Lilith class, the other cruisers are Cain class. Please do not confuse these vessels with the Demon-class destroyer from the official FS1 multiplayer mission Unstoppable, which is also(!) called Hellfire.

This is a terrible mission from a FRED perspective. It has a grand total of five events (three of which are mission directives), and a single word of dialogue.

Notable ships present

  • SC Hellfire cruiser group:
    • SC Hellfire 1
    • SC Hellfire 2
    • SC Hellfire 3
    • SC Hellfire 4