Hertak Armageddon

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Hertak Armageddon


Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The titanic Hertak Armageddon-class battleship is essentially a fortress in space. Armed to the teeth with 61 heavy turrets, protected by strong shielding, and plated with Xentronium armor, a single Armageddon-class warship requires tremendous concentrated firepower to bring down.

It is unknown how many of such vessels the Hertak possess, but it is suspected that the number may range in the thousands.

Credits List

  • Model by Spoon



Name Hertak Armageddon
Type Dreadnought
Max Velocity 18 ms-1
Armor Xentronium
Hitpoints 350 000 pts
Shields 250 000 pts
Turrets 62 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret type Amount
HertakBeamHeavy 2
HertakBeamLight 28
HertakPD 7
Hertak Flak 24

Veteran Comments

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The Armageddon is practically an invincible fortress. There's no way you can killed it outside of brute force from a massive wave of Challengers and Skirmishers. Avoid getting near this ship at all costs for the sake of your own life.

One of the few big ships in FS2 that is capable of defending itself. While the Armageddon possesses some really nice frontal firepower, it's dramatic, slow entrance (warpin speed 60) makes this ship kinda incapable of doing subspace-shock jumps. The true strength lies in the pure amount of the light beams which tear every ship apart, especially yours.

Watch out when flying against it in the Prometheus frame. It can target you with its main beams — the big anti-capital ones, which will probably vaporize you in one shot.