Nemesis (INF)

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The EA makes a final stand against the GTVA in orbit over Earth.

This mission has two stages. In the first, you must protect a task force of destroyers and corvettes against an onslaught of bombers and a few beam turret attacks. Set a single wing of fighters to defend each corvette/destroyer in the task force and keep yourself in reserve to help out whichever starts to get in trouble. When the EA ship warps in, disable its starboard beams quickly with Stilettos.

In the second phase, you must disarm the Nemesis after traversing a distance of about 20 KM in a very short time period. Make sure your Stilettos are restocked before the Nemesis battle begins and use them to disarm the two largest starboard beam cannons on the Nemesis. These beam cannons are huge and white, unlike the others that are small and blue.


This is often cited as the highlight of the Inferno campaign, and is regarded by many as among the most compelling missions ever created. It has spawned a number of spin-offs.

A preview of an unofficial edition of the mission, with new ships and substitutes can be viewed here.

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