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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: GTVA wings attempt to rescue capital assets from a botched engagement against the Nemesis.


The GVCA Rhemet and GVD Pothoris attempted to engage the EASD Nemesis, however, the Nemesis has outmaneuvered them. Alpha and Beta Wings are sent in relief.


This is a scramble call. Alpha and Beta wings are four-ship flights of the Advanced Perseus, the Vasudans are in three-ship flights: Gamma in the Apis, Theta in the Imset, Zeta in the Petbe. You find out only the Rhemet survived, so your focus is in her assistance.

Start by commanding your wings to take down the centermost beam cannon of the Nemesis. Go to full burn, and unload your Hurricane missiles against the beam cannon close to the bow. Once the Nemesis is driven off, re-arm.

Be prepared to deal with multiple waves of Peregrine and Gagana bombers. Direct your wings to engage the enemy. Theta and Zeta's orders are to protect the Rhemet. Focus on bomb intercept first and foremost (your wingmen will take down the bombers, and the Advanced Perseus has the power necessary to sustain the Prometheus cannon). If you detect no live bombs in the air, take down the bombers with your Arrow missiles.

An EA destroyer will come in to try and finish the job. Stay on bomb intercept, Theta and Zeta will attempt to disarm. Watch out for Stentors. Once the bombers are scratched and the destroyer is driven off, return to base.


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