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Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The LRed is a heavy beam cannon used by the Shivans in FreeSpace 2. Two of these cannons are mounted on the SD Ravana and SD Demon, and a single LRed forms the primary forward firepower of the SC Lilith. The LRed is best known for having virtually no recharge cycle, a characteristic shared by the much more powerful BFRed. It is often considered to be the Shivan counterpart to the BGreen and BVas.



Range 4000 m
Recharge Time 10 s
Beam Lifetime 7 s
Type: Direct
Shots 1
Damage per second 3 300
Damage per second (sustained) 2 310
Damage per pulse 23 100


Veteran Comments

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Standard enough Shivan beam cannon, roughly equivalent to the BGreen or BVas, but does more sustained damage / second. Mounted on the SC Lilith making it into kind of a monitor (see Wikipedia: Monitor) as well as the destroyers SD Demon and SD Ravana.

The LRed actually does more damage per minute than the BFGreen or LRBGreen, according to the Beam Reference, and only slightly less damage per minute than the MjolnirBeam due to its long firing time and short recharge rate. If not for the random turret refire delay, this beam can actually fire again as soon as its life expires.

Do not underestimate this beam. Because of its extremely short recharge time, it is second only to the BFRed and MjolnirBeam in sustained damage per second. A pair of them can rip a destroyer apart in under a minute, and even one is extremely dangerous.

On the first comment, emphasis on the "roughly"—the BGreen does less than half the sustained damage and is only comparable in damage per pulse. If you ever encounter a Ravana or Demon, your top priority should be to take out their LRed beam cannons as quickly as possible, because otherwise they will tear your ships to shreds in short order.