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Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The BFRed is a super-heavy beam cannon used by the Shivans in FreeSpace 2. Four of these cannons form the primary forward firepower of the SJ Sathanas. The damage output of a single BFRed far exceeds any Terran or Vasudan beam cannon designed, let alone any anti-warship weapon ever designed by either species. In addition, the BFRed does not have a recharge cycle and can be fired continuously, just like the less powerful LRed. The BFRed is the most powerful anti-warship weapon the Shivans have ever brought to bear against the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance. With it, the Shivans inflicted massive losses on the GTVA, including the destruction of at least one fleet and the GTVA Colossus, the Alliance's most powerful space-faring warship.



Range 7400 m
Recharge Time 10 s
Beam Lifetime 7 s
Type: Direct
Shots 1
Damage per second 11 550
Damage per second (sustained) 8 085
Damage per pulse 80 850


  • Weapon is a beam cannon (beam)
  • Weapon is capable of easily damaging large vessels (Huge)
  • Weapon cannot be mounted on small ships (Big Ship)

Veteran Comments

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This is the undisputed king of all beam cannons in FreeSpace 2, beating out the MjolnirBeam and BFGreen. Four of these cannons can easily destroy a GTD Hecate twice over in a single volley (Bearbaiting).

Here's a little note for new pilots playing the game on Medium difficulty or higher: the BFRed has the exact same recharge time as the LRed, which means that, on the highest difficulty levels, there is no recharge time at all; it will charge, fire, then immediately charge and fire again. On lower difficulties, the recharge time is increased a little across all beams, so there will be a pause of about five seconds while the BFRed recharges.

Calculations point out that this weapon has a yield equivalent to approximately 125 GT (Gigatons of TNT) per pulse.