MTD Auriga

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MTD Auriga
Class: GTD Orion (retrofit)
First Appearance: Derelict
In Service: Post-Capella
Faction: Morgan Technologies
Fate: Survives Derelict
For the other warships named Auriga, see Auriga (disambiguation).

The MTD Auriga was the flagship of the Morgan Technologies fleet. Although at first apparently identical to a standard Orion-class destroyer, it was heavily retrofitted, possessing beam jamming technologies and stronger beam weapons. After Morgan Technologies went rogue, the Auriga attacked numerous pirate, mercenary and GTVA targets in Tau Sigma, while also clashing with Shivan forces in the system. An attempt by the GTVA was made to destroy or capture the Auriga by attacking the MTC Minerva in order to draw the flagship into the open, but the Auriga managed to survive the attempt. Her ultimate fate in the Cold Element continuity remains unknown.

Name origin

Auriga means 'charioteer' in Latin. It is also the name of a constellation. The brightest star of the constellation is Capella (Alpha Aurigae).