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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines: Freespace 1, Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius

N362 is a system connected to the Laramis system in the Blue Planet continuity. It does not appear on the official Volition node map.

N362's primary is a neutron star, the gravitational pull of which appears to interfere with subspace navigation. The system contains a nebula which also exerts strong gravitational forces, making its navigation by capital ships difficult. The system also contains a Knossos portal, leading to an unnamed system with a nebula.

It is possible that the Great War's SD Lucifer and other Shivan ships entered GTA space via the Knossos portal in N362.

Important Events

  • The following events happened in a universe parallel to the main Blue Planet continuity:
    • Sometime after 2336, the Terran sleeper ship Sanctuary hid in the N362 nebula after the GTA was defeated by the SD Lucifer.
    • In 2385, the GTC Duke, a Hyperion-class cruiser of the GTVA 14th Battlegroup under Vishnan influence, entered the system in an attempt to transit through the Knossos portal there. Her reactor overloaded and shut down after she entered the system due to massive strain on the ship's subspace engines.
      • Alpha Wing of the 222nd Nightwolves, GTD Orestes, entered the system in pursuit of the Duke. Commander Samuel Bei, leader of Alpha Wing, boarded the Duke after encountering it adrift in the system.
      • After returning to his fighter, Commander Bei defended the Duke from an attack launched by the SD Kyton, a Demon-class destroyer, with assistance from Captain Iwakura and Commander Tell of the Sanctuary.
    • The GTD Temeraire, a Titan-class destroyer, engaged and destroyed the SD Kyton in the system.
    • Alpha Wing of the 222nd Nightwolves, along with Captain Iwakura and Commander Tell of the Sanctuary, rescued the Sanctuary from a Shivan strike force in the system's nebula.
    • The GTD Temeraire and her battlegroup, along with the Sanctuary, engaged Shivan forces in the system as part of a tactical retreat through the Knossos portal.
    • Commander Bei and a Vishnan attack force transited through N362 on its way to the Delta Serpentis system to provide relief to the GTD Orestes.

Jump Nodes

  • Laramis
  • Unknown system (via Knossos portal)