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The Nordera are a primitive, war-like race who are used as battle thralls by the Hertak in the Wings of Dawn universe. They serve as antagonists in the first Wings of Dawn campaign.


The Nordera had barely entered the industrial age when the Hertak visited their homeworld. The Hertak saw that this race of simple minded but physically strong warriors could very well turn into excellent battle thralls. So they gave a show of force, united all Nordera tribes on the planet and promised them endless glory and opponents to fight. They then helped them get into space and gave them control over several planets in different systems. In return they gained an army of utterly fearless warriors that will obey their every command when properly motivated.

The Nordera have little in the terms of culture or tradition and it is likely that they will descend back into a savage state should the Hertak ever decide to abandon them.


The Nordera have no society to speak of.


The Nordera Pillager, standard Nordera fighter.

Although Nordera spacecraft are typically low-tech and crudely constructed, they are still fully capable of challenging their Terran and Cyrvan counterparts, albeit in some cases by sheer volume alone. Nordera craft are armored with heavy steel plating which is highly resistant to solid projectiles, but significantly more vulnerable to energy-based weaponry. Their main armament of solid projectiles and high explosive torpedoes, although primitive and largely incapable of breaching energy shields, remains highly effective against the reflective armor used on most Terran ships. The large amounts of explosive material stored on board as fuel and ammunition cause sizable explosions when Nordera vessels are destroyed.


A Nordera Day is a 2-mission minicampaign from the Nordera perspective, showing a typical day in the (short) life of a Nordera soldier.