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Over the Top, commonly abbreviated to OTT, is a now defunct project. Although it died quite a long time ago, it still has some name recognition in the community. Most of the mods were released publicly in a pack known as the OTT modeldump. Many of the incomplete ships were later included in the Inferno mod, the leader of which, Woomeister, was once a staff member on OTT.


OTT was to use a large variety of exclusive ships. Although the campaign has been cancelled, the model pack (textures included) are available for download. The table entries are unavailable, but they are in possession of one of the old team members, Woomeister. The table files, however, are for the retail version of FreeSpace, and are obsolete.

Project Members

  • Venom - Leader, modeller, texturer(?)
  • Woomeister - Second Leader (?), modeller, texturer (?)


Although OTT ships can be easily brought to "regular" FreeSpace mods, combat spacecraft are much harder to import because of their dimensions: their cockpits, for example, are too large to fit with other user-made spacecraft.


Over the Top produced an enormous number of new models, all of which are listed here. They are, unfortunately, for the most part out of date by current standards.


Tau Imperium

Vasudan Empire



  • Delphi III
  • Earth
  • Galahad IV


  • UNX
  • Comet
  • Node Storm

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