Silence All Voices

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Fighter squadron:
Description: Terran and Vasudan pilots are confronting each other at Outpost Fermi. GTI squadrons are sent in to kill all non-GTI personnel present.


At approximately 1530 hours, Terran and Vasudan fighters repelled a Shivan assault against Outpost Fermi. During the skirmish, Terran pilots fired on our Vasudan allies with intent to kill.
The motives of these pilots are unclear. We do not believe their actions represent a large-scale insurrection within Terran ranks, but the situation must be contained.
Hostilities have escalated to an all-out confrontation between Terran and Vasudan forces in the area. A GTI communications terminal in the sector transmitted an encoded message advising command of the situation, which threatens to jeopardize our treaty with the Vasudans.
Your objective will be to sanitize the area. Destroy everything but the GTI communications terminal. All voices must be silenced to preserve the Terran-Vasudan alliance.
This mission has an operational window of five minutes. Get in. Do your job. Get out. Good luck, pilot.


Aries 2 will always escape, so ignore it. Instead, order your wingmen to take out Aries 3 and concentrate on taking out Aries 1 on your own before proceeding to take out all the rest of the annoying hostiles. The mission is an easy one, even on harder difficulty settings.


Even though no one gives you the slightest hint of such; after all hostiles are eliminated please do jump out before the crucial five minutes are up and the GTD Intrepid arrives. You’ll be spared the debriefing lecture. You’ll pass regardless, but it’s nicer that way. The ST campaign has a couple of design shortcomings.

Notable ships present