GTD Intrepid

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GTD Intrepid
Class: GTD Orion
First Appearance: Avenging Angels (mentioned)
Silence All Voices (conditional)
In Service: Terran-Vasudan War
Great War
Faction: Galactic Terran Alliance
Commander: Admiral Po
Fate: Unknown

The GTD Intrepid is an Orion-class destroyer that served during both the Terran-Vasudan War and the Great War. It is known that Lieutenant Alexander McCarthy was stationed on the Intrepid before his attempt to steal the Avenger prototype. The player character of Silent Threat is also said to have transferred to Galactic Terran Intelligence because of his excellent service record under "Admiral Po of the GTD Intrepid".

The Intrepid appears in-game only if the player exceeds the time limit in Silence All Voices.