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  • I made a mistake - I added "disambiguation" to the name when I shouldn't. Is it possible to rename this page? Also, since it's necessary, the article about mission 7 of FS1 should also be renamed to something like "Pandora's Box (FS1)". --- Mobius
    • The page can be renamed, but there's a small problem with it. If this disambig page will be under "Pandora's Box" (Which makes the disambiguation tag look good), users who type in "Pandora's Box" into the Search field will end up on this page, while I think it's obvious they're looking for the FS1 mission. Moving the mission's article to Pandora's Box (FS1) just for the disambiguation page's sake will require us to change all the links that point to the mission using the "What links here" page feature. That's why I wouldn't touch the pages, but find someone who can edit the template and do some HTML tricks which allow us to edit what should be in bold. Currently, it's quite simply the page's whole title. - TopAce 18:24, 15 March 2009 (UTC)
      • I'm working on it. --- Mobius
        • Done...this article should now get deleted. --- Mobius