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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Fighter squadron: 212th Silver Scythes

Description: Alpha wing patrols the area around Tau Sigma Station, and meets their first pirate wing.


It has been five years since the Capella supernova and the end of the Second Shivan Incursion, and the GTVA has fallen on hard times. The destruction the Capella system has caused an economic depression, and 200 million refugees from the system are looking for a new home. Meanwhile, political instability, black marketeering, piracy, and extremism are running rampant throughout the alliance, causing the military to be mostly occupied with police actions.

You have just been transferred to Tau Sigma to lead the 212th Silver Scythes, flying off Tau Sigma Station. Tau Sigma is a remote mining colony, but growing in importance as corporations have begun to exploit the system's mineral resources. Regardless, the station is still a backwater, and gets little in the way of advanced equipment. You are warned to prepare for difficult work.

Your first mission is to fly patrol with the GTC LoneWolf, a cruiser with a history that stretches back to the Great War. Your task is to make sure the system is secure, and to keep an eye out for pirates.


The first mission of Derelict. You'll get introduced to Mackie, the character who Snipes was supposed to be. Fly around and look at the pretty nebulae, this is the first mission, no challenge.

To save everything (which is not required to win the mission, nor is even recognized, but feels good), send your wingmen off to protect the two far-off Tritons while you go hang near the station. Don't bother actually guarding the LoneWolf, as it will not come under attack. When you get the objective to scan the Poseidon 7 freighter, do so, and then immediately destroy it when it turns hostile.

Meanwhile, enemies will be attacking the two Tritons you send your wingmen to guard earlier, and will be easily held off by them while you cover the distance to join them. If you max out engine power and afterburn as much as possible, you should just arrive in time to grab a fighter kill before the hostiles are wiped out and the mission is over. Make sure the hostile Triton dies, either by your hand or by ordering in your wingmen while you are still en route; they can easily handle it.

Alternatively, you can keep your wingmen with you and let the two Tritons die, which is probably what your are 'supposed' to do, and then hightail it there and kill the enemies after the fact. This will let you get more kills as your wingmen haven't done most of the work by the time you get there. As long as you manage to kill the hostile Triton, you won't get in any trouble for losing the two friendly freighters, as they were never really intended to be saved.


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