Terran-Vasudan War

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Shortly after first contact, the Terran-Vasudan War, or the 14-Year War, broke out. Heavy and sustained casualties were suffered on both sides, but both species learned valuable lessons in adaptation and the development of new technologies. This timeline will span from the first Vasudan contact to the signing of the treaty that officially ended the 14-Year War.

Most of the events that occur during the Terran-Vasudan War do not have specific dates attached to them. We know, for example, that the Battle of Gulnara was a major Vasudan defeat that seemed to ensure Terran victory, and the Battle of Talania was a major Vasudan victory that forced the GTA to resume production of the Leviathan. Other known events include the Battle of Rexias 4, where kamikaze Anubis pilots destroyed the GTD Goliath, and the destruction of the GTD Eisenhower against a PVD Typhon at the Vega Engagement.

January 8th:

GTA launches Operation Thresher. Initial losses cause Thresher to be declared a failure only two days after it started. GTA command estimates 504 pilots dead, fourteen missing (and presumed dead).

January 15th:

The Shivans attack Vasudan and Terran forces near the Antares-Ribos node. The loss of the PVC Taurus and GTSC Plato leads toward a cease-fire proposal on the 18th by the Vasudans.

January 25th:

GTA and PVE sign a cease-fire and non-aggression pact. The 14-Year War officially comes to an end.

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