The Deep Patrol

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Fighter squadron: 212th Silver Scythes
Description: In which Alpha Wing deploys nav beacons across Tau Sigma.


It has been two weeks since the Blackbeard's piratical raid on Tau Sigma Station, and things have been quiet. Such is life in the boondocks, your commander tells you. However, you're about to go aloft again, as you are needed for deep patrol.

Much of the Tau Sigma system is uncharted. Navigational beacons have marked the most critical commercial routes, allowing safe passage through the many hazards present. However, the GTVA intends to send more traffic through Tau Sigma in the coming weeks, requiring the timetable of nav beacon deployment to be stepped up.

As such, you and the rest of Alpha Wing are to go on an extended sortie to various navigational hazards in the system, mainly ice fields. You will fly in shifts to place the beacons in their designated areas. When done, you will proceed to your next assignment.


No combat in this mission. Drop the nav buoys and continue on. Derelict was the very first campaign to really use this linked-mission idea. It made the red-alert SEXP seem even more useful.

This is the first in a moderately long chain of red-alert missions. The only threat in this mission is accidentally bumping into asteroids. With a bit of care, you should move on to the next mission with 100% hull. Don't waste any missiles taking potshots at the asteroids, as you will need them later on in the chain.