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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: GTVA strike wings assist elements from the 5th and 7th Fleets in blockading the new Ross 128 Jump Node from Shivan attack.


The GTD Harmonium and GVD Khedess have been stationed at the new Ross 128 Jump Node with the GTC Nine Devils, the GVD Adet, and the GTCV Keyes supporting them. GTVA fighter and bomber wings are to assist in maintaining the blockade.


Alpha Wing will be flying in GTF Encladeus fighters, armed with the Subach HL-14, Prometheus, Arrow aspect-seekers and Hornets. Beta will be flying in GTF Vesuvius fighters. No support ship will be available.

Starting off, your wings will be in front of the destroyers taking point at the blockade. An SOC Banshee Scout will be the first arrival from the node, followed by the Moloch-class Bysak and Bheema wing of SF Hydras. Take care of the Hydras, the destroyers will down the corvette.

After the Banshee has docked, the Khedess will deploy Delta and Epsilon wing of Petbes, and Command will provide a readout of new Shivan craft to expect.

The Raguel-class Caliisto and Scylla-class Hera will come out of the node, send the bombers to destroy them. They will be followed by Shivore wing (Scorpions) and Asura wing (Durjas). Concentrate on the Durjas first, a pair of their Ultra Bombs will outright kill the Harmonium if left unchecked. Be very careful when detonating the Ultra Bombs, their shockwaves can and will kill you even if you have full shielding and health.

While you're dealing with the strike craft, a Shivan Kismat-class destroyer will come through. Even if you have Delta and Epsilon try to damage it, it will quickly jump out.

Soon after, a Diablo-class destroyer will arrive. Despite the blockade's best efforts, it will ravage the back field and quickly jump out. Command will then tell you to follow it and the next mission will start.


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