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FreeSpace 2 Ship Database

SFr Baraqel

  • SFr Dis class freighter
  • Emerged from Knossos portal in A Lion at the Door (sm1-04) and attempted to drop off a cargo container
    • Cargo: Sentry Guns
  • Initially docked with an SAC 3 cargo unit, which contained Missiles
  • Destroyed by 107th Ravens squadron

SFr Maul

SFr Neqael

ST Semyaza

SC Urobach

SC Armaros

SC Asuras

SC Azmedaj

SC Baal

SC Bane

SC Behemoth

SC Belphegor

SC Dahaka

SC Demogorgon

SC Gibborim

SC Goliath

SC Iblis

SC Karnatoth

  • SC Cain class cruiser - simulated
  • Destroyed by a wing of GTVA fighters in the G-Shi simulation

SC Malor

SC Melchom

SC Orcus

SC Rakshasa

SC Rakshasa 17

SC Rakshasa 19

SC Rakshasa 45

SC Ramakara

  • SC Rakshasa class cruiser (simulated)
  • Destroyed by a wing of GTVA fighters in the G-Shi simulation

SC Rephaim

SC Sammael

SC Sathariel

SC Sephiroth

SC Thanatos

SC Hela

SCv Abaddon

SCv Abraxis

SCv Balam

SCv Chamos

SCv Golab

SCv Nosferatu

  • SCv Moloch class corvette
  • Aborted an intended subspace jump from Capella to Gamma Draconis due to a hardware failure just before M-01b
  • Attacked and destroyed by GTVA fighter and bomber wings in M-01b
  • SD Barqu and SC Sathariel were sent to reinforce the position shortly after

SCv Rahab

SCv Sargatanas

SCv Tiamat

SCv Tumael

SD Barqu

SD Beleth

SD Beast

SD Chemosh

SD Nebiros

SD Ravana

SJ Sathanas 01

SJ Sathanas 02

SJ Sathanas 03

SJ Sathanas 04 - 09

SJ Sathanas 17

FreeSpace 2 Ship Database