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Proposed new user-made ships format

Please see Talk:User-made Ships for discussion. SpaceFreak 16:46, 9 March 2013 (UTC)

Species Prefix Name HTL UV-mapped Normal maps Cockpit Incomplete
Terran Bad Ulysses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terran GTF Perseus Adv
Vasudan GVAf Apis
Shivan SF Chelob Yes
Ancient AF Charlatan Yes
Terran CCF Minsk Yes Yes
Terran GTF Phoenix (Nuke)
Vasudan GVDr Scarab
Shivan SF Chimera Yes
Ancient AF Kato Yes Yes Yes
Terran GTF Selkie Yes Yes Yes
Shivan SF Hydra Yes
Terran HEF Blizzard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shivan SF Ifrit Yes Yes Yes
Ketran KCSL Kama Yes Yes Yes Missing table file