Vasuda Prime

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Vasuda Prime, with the Lucifer in orbit.
A settlement on Vasuda Prime, prior to bombardment.

General Information

  • Appeared in: FreeSpace 1
  • In Mission: N/A
  • In System: Vasuda
  • Bitmap used: N/A

Vasuda Prime is the fourth planet in the Vasuda system, and was the desert homeworld of the Vasudans up until the events of the Great War, when the SD Lucifer bombarded the planet with its flux beam cannons for thirteen hours straight. Wiped clean of life, Vasuda Prime was rendered almost completely uninhabitable, which led to Aldebaran becoming the seat of the post-Great War Vasudan government.

The planet is said to have been the only habitable planet in the Vasuda system. Even prior to the Lucifer's bombardment, the climate of Vasuda Prime was incredibly hostile, with both twin continents being covered primarily in desert. What little surface water that was available was undrinkable, even by Vasudan standards. In order to adapt to these hostile conditions, the Vasudans developed at a rapid pace. Indeed, Terran biologists have expressed surprise that a planet as hostile as Vasuda Prime was even capable of producing a species as advanced as the Vasudans. The Apsu-Hek was a creature that once inhabited Vasuda, but is now believed to be extinct.

It is stated that early Vasudan space exploration was motivated by the need to find planets more hospitable than their homeworld, and to recover resources as Vasuda Prime's have been depleted.

According to Vasudan legend, an ancient race visited Vasuda Prime at the time Vasudan civilization was in its infancy, and this mysterious race helped the Vasudans develop into a technologically advanced species. It is also possible that ancient Vasudan legends concerning the coming of "the Destroyers" (the Shivans) stemmed from this contact.

"Vasuda" is another name for Earth in Sanskrit.[1][2][3]