Destruction of Vasuda Prime

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The destruction of Vasuda Prime was an event that occurred during the Great War. Following a series of costly Terran-Vasudan defeats, the SD Lucifer bombarded Vasuda Prime from orbit, rendering the surface the planet uninhabitable and resulting in the deaths of an estimated four billion Vasudans.


Vasuda Prime, with the Lucifer in orbit.

The bombardment was preceded by ultimately futile attempts by both the Vasudans and Terrans to prevent the Shivans from reaching the Vasuda system, most notably the disastrous Battle of Deneb. The allies attempted to intercept the Shivans in Deneb, from where the Shivan offensive was to be launched. The Shivan assault was led by the SD Eva, a Demon-class destroyer and the SD Lucifer, the Shivan flagship itself.

Although the GTD Galatea and her bomber wings were able to catch the Eva off guard, successfully neutralizing the Shivan destroyer, the Galatea herself was subsequently destroyed by the Lucifer. The GTD Legion and numerous other assets were also subsequently destroyed by the Lucifer in a massive pitched battle involving numerous warships.

The fall of Deneb ensured Shivan victory at Vasuda. Despite massive Vasudan resistance, the Lucifer entered the orbit of Vasuda Prime and started bombarding the planet. After thirteen hours of constant bombardment, it was estimated that four billion Vasudans lost their lives in the attacks. The planet's surface was rendered uninhabitable. Shivan forces pursued escaping Vasudan transports, further raising the number of casualties.


The GTD Bastion was one of the Terran warships assigned to assist the evacuation. With the additional assistance of the destroyer and its combat wings, many Vasudan lives were saved. The fleeing refugee transports found refuge in Sirius and Aldebaran, where a provisional Vasudan government was set up. Despite the destruction of their homeworld, the Vasudans continued to fight valiantly alongside their Terran allies.