Curse of Prescience

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Fighter squadron: Unknown

Description: The GTD Orestes is attacked in Delta Serpentis.


While in Delta Serpentis, the GTD Orestes and its battlegroup comes under attack from an SD Lucifer and its attending warship, the SD Hyde.


This is essentially another playable cutscene.

Shoot down bombers and dodge fighters. Do not attempt to approach the Lucifer or disarm it.


  • This mission was originally named "Proving Grounds".
  • The setting for this mission is Samuel Bei's nightmare and does not actually take place until much later. You can still die from enemy fire, though.
  • Turret 14 of the Orestes—the front HBlue—was changed to the marginally weaker BBlue in this mission. This was probably done by Darius to reduce the damage done to the Lucifer by the Orestes to make the former's nigh-invulnerability more convincing.
  • If the Boreas's hull integrity falls below 50% on this mission, all three of its main beams will be disabled automatically.
  • The Lucifer is intended to destroy the Orestes. If the Lucifer ends up taking too much damage, it will depart, breaking the mission.
  • Examination of the mission file will reveal an unused message entry named "too late", which reads: "It's too late! My god, did anyone make it to the lifepods?" This message entry may originally have been used the moment the Orestes is destroyed, but it was probably removed because the Orestes may not be destroyed immediately after it transmits the order to abandon ship.

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