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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe. Also, it may contain spoilers regarding Series Resurrecta campaigns.

Entanglement or Entgm is the name of the currently WIP second release of Series Resurrecta, succeeding and implementing Shadows of the Great War which was the first release. The title of one Entgm campaign, Serendipity, has already been revealed to the public, while the title of the second campaign is so far publicly known only by its abbreviation "HesT". Just like the other SR campaigns, this is an old Inferno: Alliance independent concept by mission designer Mobius that entered a limbo phase in the late 2000s and has since been recovered.

General Info

Status: WIP
Mission Designer: Mobius
Asset Designer: Nyctaeus
Contributions: SerRes Team
Number of missions: approx. 14
Mods included: further expansion of the SotGW package


Progress on the second SR release started soon after the release of SotGW on October 16th, 2020. The first Entanglement campaign, Serendipity, was FREDded in the next few months and is currently undergoing a process of bugfixing, checkpoint implementation and balancing.

Besides new content, Entgm is also expected to expand Gehenna's Gate and The Spirit of Ptah via further changes, plot additions and checkpoints meant to improve gameplay.


Entanglement will feature two campaigns, one of which has already been revealed to the public.

Serendipity [Srdp]

Deep in the Reconstruction Era, Terran blocs of former GTA space have mostly organized into well organized entities with full sovereignty on their home systems. The year is 2342 and the Adhara Coalition, working hard on economical and military growth, is now dealing with a totally unexpected mystery that will change the course of history forever. Meanwhile, the neighboring Regulus Syndicate is also investigating on the same issue, and the two blocs may be on the verge of facing each other.

Second, unrevealed campaign [HesT]

Title and details on the second Entanglement campaign are not publicly available yet, though the abbreviation of the title, HesT, has been revealed and several development screenshots have been shared with the fans. Said screenshots show a revamped version of the GTD Hades that will play a primary role in this campaign; it is therefore implied that HesT will take place during the Great War, if not soon afterwards.


Just like Shadows of the Great War, Entanglement will feature exclusive music composed by artists such as ShadowsOfLight and ElectricTrojan. A full and detailed list on these exclusive tracks will become available following the release of the mod.

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