Shadows of the Great War

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Shadows of the Great War is a series of minicampaigns that take place in Sol. Though they are created mainly for Inferno Alliance Standalone, they are not related to the plot, and should not be considered part of the Inferno universe (non-inf-canon).

It is created by Mobius, who remains the only member of the project. Despite the small workforce, high-quality FREDding and a strong storyline are key features.

General Info

Released: WIP
Author: Francesco D.A. "Mobius" D'Amico
Missions: 40+1 intro cutscene
Mods included:

INF:A SA Required


Everything in Sol has changed after the Great War. There are four parallel paths, four parallel stories... choose one of them and fight for your own survival.

Author's Notes

This is not a campaign like the others. In the first cutscene mission the player has to choose one of the four available minicampaigns after reading their descriptions. The minicampaigns are various and separate under most aspects. All campaigns take place in Sol and are composed of 10 missions.


A Cold Shadow

The outer colonies of Pluto, Sedna, Quaoar and the other minor planetoids suffered a lot the distance from the main colonies. Following the fall of the GTA, what remained of the original authority has been taken over by a growing industrial power. The Plutonian government doesn't seem able to fight the new threat while the other colonies seem to be always ready to cause a war. In the resulting chaos, the Plutonian Federation might be the first one to fall under the power of the others.

Knowing that their days are almost over, the Plutonians attempt to restore their old power and contrast their new enemies...

The Demon Lord

The SD Lucifer, the feared Shivan Superdestroyer, has entered the Sol system. The 1st Fleet does everything it's capable of to stop the Shivans. Unlike its battlegroup, the Lucifer manages to pass through the fierce line of resistance and sets course to Earth to bombard the blue planet. By a twist of fate the Lucifer, however, turns itself down in proximity of Earth, in Lagrange's point. The Demon has fallen asleep.

Many decades have passed since that moment and something terrible is about to happen. After a long period, the Demon Lord awakes and threatens the home system of the human race...

Old Enemies

During the Great War, before the destruction of the Lucifer, many Vasudans were moved to Sol as they were escaping from the Shivan horde. They chose Venus as their new land due to its similarity to Vasuda Prime and started receiving benefits from the Venusian government. The influence and the power of the Vasudans in Sol grows up and a strong racism spreads after years of collaboration.

The Venusian government hires mercenaries and combines them with regular pilots to find out what the Vasudans are constructing and weaken their assets. Nobody knows what is going to happen...

Blue Homeworld

The Mobius Loop, the pirate faction that fought the Martians for years, has finally taken over Martian authorities without letting the other colonies know. Corruption and criminality now dominate Mars and the asteroid belt. The glory of one of the most important colonies is gone and a new militaristic modus operandi poses a considerable threat to the other colonies.

The Martians, stubborn and fanatic, start invading Earth space. The Earthers call their best units, including the pilots who destroyed the Lucifer, to repel the invaders. The Jovians play the role of the spectators, but the situation is about to degenerate...

References and naming convention

The campaign doesn't have the same naming convention of INF:A SA to emphasize the differences. More details will follow.


Many missions are done but the campaign is now on hold. Giving its partial connections to INFA2, I'm waiting for more definitive plans for INFA2 to restart working on it. Though the storylines are separate there references to INFA SA will be maintained.

Player Comments

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