Multiplayer Medals and Awards

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As in single player mode, it is possible to earn a variety of medals and awards for your pilot when playing multiplayer missions. Generally, getting those medals is significantly more involved than simply completing the mission, often requiring the completion of secondary and/or bonus goals or even very high difficulty settings. Below is a table showing all validated multiplayer missions that can yield a medal or other award, along with the minimum difficulty setting required to get them.

File Name Mission Name Difficulty Setting Medal/Award
CapMis_M01 Exodus Hard Meritorious Unit Commendation
Lone_M01 Vega's War Hard Meritorious Unit Commendation
M_FE First Exodus Hard Meritorious Unit Commendation
cet_m09 Red & Black Allover Hard Allied Defense Citation
TSBandit_M01 Knife Fight Hard Allied Defense Citation
cet_m07 Checkmate Hard Medal of Valor
fs2mc1 FS2 Black Omega Medium Medal of Valor
Odd_M01 Pre-Emptive NTF Strike Hard Medal of Valor
cet_m04 Lurkers at the Gate Hard SOC Unit Crest
m_itld Into the Lion's Den Hard SOC Unit Crest
Talon_M01 Installation Assault Hard SOC Unit Crest
cet_m02 Hell's Kitchen Hard Nebula Campaign Victory Star
M_07 Vasudan Assault 2 Hard Distinguished Flying Cross
Guard_M01 Through the Iron Gate Hard Epsilon Pegasi Liberation
x_cold_sword The Cold Sword Medium NTF Campaign Victory Star
cet_m01 Touch of Fate Hard Imperial Order of Vasuda
cet_m06 The Die is Cast Hard SOC Service Medallion
Odd_M03 Rebel's Bluff Hard GTVA Legion of Honor
Odd_M02 Codename Robin Hood Hard Intelligence Cross
m_sb Sirius Blockade Hard Order of Galatea
Lone_M02 STV Gauntlet Insane Wings