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The species.tbl is used to define the various intelligence clips found from tech room.

List of Tables


  • Table begins with the intelligence data entries, each one starting with $Entry:
  • Table does not have any kind of end marker

Intelligence Entry


  • Begins the intelligence data entry


  • Defines the name of the intelligence entry. Number refers to the translations found from tstrings.tbl
  • Syntax: XSTR("String", Integer)


  • Defines the name of the animation used for the intelligence entry
  • Syntax: String


  • Sets the entry to appear form the beginning of campaigns. If set to '0' the entry has to be triggered with sexps during the campaign
  • Syntax: Integer (0 or 1)


  • Sets the description shown when the intelligence entry is viewed in tech room. Number refers to the translations found from tstrings.tbl. Ends with $end_multi_text
  • Syntax: XSTR("String", integer)


  • Part of and Retail FreeSpace 2 entry
$Name: XSTR("The Great War",3184)
$Anim: Intel_Great_War
$AlwaysInTechRoom: 1
"In 2335, the Terran-Vasudan War entered its fourteenth year...", 3185)