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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.


It's high time to take down and capture the MTD Auriga, once and for all. With a method that circumvents the Auriga's beam inhibitor, a task force of multiple wings and two capital ships has been assigned to this takedown operation.


Starting assets are Alpha Wing (four Erinyes by default), Beta (three Taurets, fixed), and Gamma (three Perseus fighters, fixed). Take whatever ship you need, pick what's suitable for heavy-duty dogfighting and interception.

Alpha and Beta will see the Minerva, surrounded by Hercules Mark II fighters and cargo crates. Destroy all hostile assets except the Minerva. After the Auriga arrives, just kill it, and deal with Rapier Wing (at least ten Myrmidons).

Delta and Epsilon will be deployed to disarm and disable the Auriga, run counter-intercept against Saber Wing (multiple Perseus fighters).

After Delta and Epsilon are done, the Argo-class GTT Gabriel will enter the field, and the Auriga will launch at least five Boanerges bombers. Send Alpha Wing to guard the Gabriel, and both Beta and Gamma should assist in taking out any other enemies, including some hostile Erinyes fighters.

Once the Gabriel has docked, it will try to breach, but the Auriga powers up and the Gabriel blows up. The Auriga will escape, and with a capital ship that's gone, and a damaged Vasudan destroyer... there's not much else to go from.

You can return to base, and with the Shivans closing in... there's no more searching for the Auriga.