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The Zy are an advanced race of reptilian creatures which are used as battle thralls by the Hertak in the Wings of Dawn universe. They serve as antagonists in the first Wings of Dawn campaign.


The Zy can best be described as blueish scaled, lizard like creatures. Though that doesn't really do them justice. Like Terrans they stand on two legs but they have four arms instead of two. In terms of physical strength and agility they far surpass Terrans. They are a carnivore race and have always been on the top of the food chain on their home world. The average height of a member of the Zy race is between 190-230cm and they have a life span of between 50 to 60 years on average.


The Zy military is known as the Zy Guardian Military. Due to the mass diaspora that resulted from their home system going supernova, they presumably do not have a civilian government.


The Zy are a young race but their advancement has an impressive rate. It was early on in their history that the Zy realized that they could not possibly be the only sentient race in this wide universe. This believe united the race under an Emperor and gave them a common goal to work to. Before long they had established an Empire spanning several systems. They came across two other races, which they quickly annihilated. Eventually meeting the Fura'ngle. Their odd bodies made of crystals and minerals did not trigger any of the Zy's natural 'RIP AND TEAR' instincts and the two races developed a symbiotic relationship in which the Zy provided protection for the Fura'ngle and the Fura'ngle shared their technologies and research with the Zy. In recent years, the Zy started developing a strong sense of honor and have gradually started to grow less aggressive. There are Zy, however, that are having trouble adapting to this new honor system and still uphold the tradition of eating the hearts of defeated foes.

Then one fateful day, the Zy learned that the Sun of their home system was getting close to going supernova. Three large and fully populated planets had to be evacuated on short notice. The Hertak choose this moment to invade Fura'ngle space and the Zy were not in a position to help their allies. Soon after the Fura'ngle capitulation, the Zy send away their evacuation fleet, hoping to find a system from which they can regroup and stage a counter attack on the Hertak. The current whereabouts of this fleet is unknown. The remaining Zy fleet elements put up a fierce resistance for three weeks before being crushed by the Hertak and their new Fura'ngle battle thralls.